DNS Transparency Project

Your use of the Internet is enabled by many different technologies. One of these technologies is the Domain Name System (DNS), which allows you to use easy-to-remember names, (like dnstransparency.org), while translating those names into the numbers computers need to fulfill your request. Without DNS, you'd need to remember sets of numbers, like, or 2001:db8:0:1234:0:567:8:1.

When the DNS doesn't direct you to the correct location, it can create situations that may trick you or your applications, like the email app on your phone, into sending your usernames and passwords to systems controlled by hackers.

This situation is not hypothetical. It has happened multiple times over the years, and recently attackers have been positioned to impact entire countries.

But don't the large, well known internet companies look for these events? They sure do! But the DNS itself is not set up to allow even these companies to know when changes are made that may impact their users or services! We want to change that.

We are creating a system that will allow domain owners to protect their domain name resources by making record changes available for the domain owners and other interested parties to verify. We are calling this service "DNS Transparency" and we want to work with all companies and stakeholders to enable a more transparent naming infrastructure for the future!